Deadlands MKII

Blood Moon

Why is the sky so red...awww crap.

Well, the good luck our adventurers have had up to this point came to an abrupt end on the night of the full moon. The town slept fitfully, cattle went missing, and apprehension ran rampant. The preacher began setting up for a prayer meeting, to lift the spirits of the faithful, spreading the word all the way down to the quarry. Night fell, and a mighty lightning storm came out of nowhere. In the unnatural feeling storm, a mighty mist also rose, cutting visibility to no more than a few feet. The preacher did his work, aiming to lift the spirits of the people. The gambler sat in the quarry, watching the people panic, and learning that a group of people shaped things were outside of town. Knowing better than to go alone, he went to get the engineer and the preacher. The trio set out south, moving at a snails pace to avoid the numerous gopher holes in the fields south of town. A short distance out into the mist, the engineer went down, tangling in a mass of eviscerated person. As that moment, when the light of her lantern failed, the group was set upon. Small vicious creatures struck the preacher and engineer, rending flesh and cutting armor. The gambler lit a lighter, and the creatures scattered. The trio retreated to the town to wait out the mist. In the morning, the preacher set out to the field alone. He came to the sight of the carnage from the night before to see Crazy Jim spreading lime across a pentagram of gore left in the field. Joined a short while later but the rest of the trio, the scouted the area and located 5 lightning strikes that didn’t fit. The crystallized sand these strikes left were spirals into the ground, almost anchoring something to the field. The preacher and gambler went to purify the glass in the river while the engineer sought answers from the mayor, who promptly stonewalled her. As the story ended for the week, the preacher was heading to boot hill to check for disturbances while the gambler used a billows to clear the lime from the field to assess the events of the night before.


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